Gimas Ship Supply & Services

Gimas are the latest suppliers to confirm attendance at IMPA Singapore this May

Gimas Ship Supply & Services, a leading Turkish ship supplier, will be supporting this year’s IMPA Singapore.

Gimas operates in many areas of ship supply including technical stores, engine spare parts and logistics;  categories covered in this year’s IMPA Singapore presentation and training programme.    Serving 30 Turkish ports, representatives from Gimas bring valuable knowledge to IMPA Singapore in these areas.

Focusing on 'how to reduce costs by a better understanding’ is a key discussion topic for IMPA Singapore this year.  IMPA is delighted to welcome Gimas on-board and thanks them for agreeing to share their knowledge and expertise with purchasers at IMPA Singapore.

For more than 4 months, Gimas is able to serve their customers in many ports of Europe, especially the ports of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.